Graphic tees hold memories.

We all have graphic tees that have been with us through thick and thin. It can be a high school t-shirt, a chewed up t-shirt you bought at the first concert you ever went to, or a typical high street t-shirt with an empowering slogan you liked. Yes, “I can haz cheezburger” t-shirts count too.

Here’s some inspiration for revamping your favorite graphic tees this spring.

  1. Wear it to work with a power blazer

    blazer tee graphic tee t-shirt

    Source: Jay Miranda


  2. Wear your graphic tee with a pair of comfy mom jeans and a chunky belt

    begum sham mom jeans graphic tee how to style an old t-shirt

    Instagram: begum_sham


  3. And add a pair of heels for extra points!

    mom jeans heels t-shirt blazer

    Instagram: therealina

  4. Wear delicate mesh sleeves underneath for extra seductiveness

    mesh sleeves the urban analyst nascar t-shirt maxi skirt


  5. Build a baggy gray t-shirt into a multi-layered monochromatic gray look

    gray t-shirt tee calvin klein tee

    Instagram: mariammoufid

  6. Go full athleisure with a tracksuit and a pair of sneakers

    athleisure adidas athletic wear t-shirt ramie yassin

    Instagram: rxmiee

  7. Or go feminine by tucking it into a high waist skirt

    guns and roses t-shirt mesh skirt opaque skirt high waist black tee

    Instagram: nevereverpayretail

  8. You can’t go wrong with a good leather jacket

    trestouline tulin bahrain leather jacket hijabi fashion graphic tee type

    Instagram: trestouline

  9. Like the skinny jeans with tucked in t-shirt look but want something more modest? Pair it with an light parka

    hijabi parka turban arabic tee graphic t-shirt

    Instagram: perksofbeingsaara

  10. Want some coverage around your hips? Where an oversized t-shirt with bold leggings

    fashionista leggings t-shirt oversized graphic tee

    Instagram: astyledmind

  11. A denim jacket makes it the perfect Spring outfit

    Hadia Ghaleb denim jacket jeans jacket baseball t-shirt

    Instagram: hadiaghaleb

  12. Don’t be afraid of wearing how you feel on your tee!

fishberry t-shirt arabic tee

Fishberry on