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Thanks for stopping by. We’re happy we’ve crossed paths.

We’ll introduce ourselves really fast.

We’re a group of Arab women who have started KOOOT. KOOOT is an online shopping and lifestyle destination for modern Middle Eastern women.

You can find out more about what makes KOOOT different here.


We like conversations, especially those that bring a smile to your face.

We’re real people with souls. We use real words that mean real things to you. We don’t shout at you through a microphone. It’s not one of those conversations where you can’t get a word in. Instead, we want to share our mic with you.

KOOOT understands the needs and aspirations of women in the region. It’s a space that makes it easier for women to speak their minds and speak to each other.

We don’t just want you to buy our products – although, as you’ll see soon, they are awesome! We’re busy women. KOOOT community is a place you can catch up with trends, relax and recharge. It’s a destination that helps you achieve what you want to achieve.

Whether you’re a busy new mother, a hard-working employee or a university student, KOOOT is the place for you!

We will always bring good ideas that help with everyday life.

But we’re not the experts in all aspects of life – that’s why we need you.

You know about your own look and style. You know about your career. You know about being a mother. You know about how you made your personal space a home. You know about the issues you face.

So, write to us. Share your thought. Reach other women

You can contact us at to contribute