You’ve heard Oprah say it: a ridiculous percentage of women wear the wrong bra size.

We all think we’re in the in the small percentage wearing the right bra size. But we can’t all be right.

Well, you might think, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

But wearing the right bra size has many benefits. You’ll notice:

  1. You’ll be more comfortable in the right bra size
  2. Your clothes will fit better. You’ll notice a difference even in your favorite tees.
  3. You’ll love the way your girls look

Before you measure your bra size, keep one thing in my mind: the result will probably shock you.

Also, make sure you know the proper terminology:

Cups: Obvious one. Shelves for your boobs.

Straps: The parts that go over your shoulders. (Or ruin your outfit by falling off your shoulders).

Sliders: The little plastic pieces that adjust strap length.

Band: This is what goes around your torso horizontally.

Underwire: The metal or plastic wire at the bottom of the cup.

Gore: The triangle holding the cups together in the front.


If you want to get a fitting, make sure you go to the right place. Department stores are a great place to get fitted. You will get the most accurate fit because there are many brands available there. In short, they will make sure your measurement is accurate.

Or choose the fun way. Grab a measuring tape, keep an open mind, and measure yourself. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Look yourself in the mirror. No toxic thoughts.
  2. First, measure your bust. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your torso so that it goes over your nipples. Record this cup size in inches. If it’s odd, add one.
  3. Now measure around your ribcage write below your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape goes straight across and does not slant. Round the number if you have to. Record inches.
  4. Now do this simple math: bust – band. So if your bust measures 36 and your band measures 32, then 36 – 32 = 4
  5. Use this number to figure out your letter size. The below is a size guide up to H, but the same principle applies after H. So for the above example, the cup size is D.

    1 = A

    2 = B

    3 = C

    4 = D

    5 = DD

    6 = E

    7 = F

    8 = FF

    9 = G

    10 = H

  6. Your size is thus your band measurement + your letter size.So for the above example, the size is 32 D.

Keep in mind that band size affects cup size. Cup sizes range within the same letter. Don’t be shocked when you find out your itty bitties measure to a C-cup.

Also keep in mind that bra size differs in different stores, so be flexible with sizing and just make sure it fits.