Once you’ve figured out your bra size, you need to ask yourself: Does my bra fit?

Before that, to ensure you get the correct bra fit, make sure that you’re wearing your bra correctly.

Here’s a quick guide to checking bra fit:

  1. You should be able to fit two fingers between your back and the band

    If you can’t fit them in, the band is too small. If you can fit more than two, the band is too large.

    New bras should be worn on the largest hook. This means that as they stretch out, you can decrease the band size.

  2. The gore should not be floating

    That’s the little triangle between the cups. It should be resting against your chest and not hanging in the air. The cups are the wrong size for you (and your bra does not fit) if the gore is floating.

  3. Bra fit should be snug

    If you’ve been wearing an ill-fitting bra for so long, a new well-fitting bra might feel a little tight. It should feel snug, but you should be able to breathe.

  4. Your boobs should not be falling out the top or the bottom of the cup

    Even if you’re wearing a half-cup bra, such as a balconette bra, your breast should not spill out of the top of the bra.

    If you lift your arms up, your boobs should stay in the cup.

  5. Your bra should not ride up
  6. Your straps should not fall

    If you keep having to pull your strap up, it means your band is too large.

  7. There should not be a lot of spillage

    This either means the band is too small or you’re not wearing your bra correctly.

  8. The cup should be totally filled

    Straighten your back and look down. The top of your cup should not be empty. If that’s the case, your cup is too big. If this is true for you, make sure you measure yourself rather than just moving one letter size down.