“I study film making and cartoons in a country where there are no cinemas!”

This is the bio by which we know Hend Jambi on her personal Instagram and Twitter. Hend Jambi is an artist and filmmaker specializing in cartoon animation. She is one of many women carving out a road through which they can expand their talents. They are the trailblazers. They are the reason why, little by little, we are seeing women excel in fields that not long ago were unavailable to them.

Previously, we spoke to Kuwaiti caricaturist Sara AlNomas and Bahraini travel photographer Rasha Yousif.

Today, we speak to a young woman breaking ground in the Saudi creative arts scene, Hend Jambi. Hend Jambi is one of the first female Saudi filmmakers studying and practicing film-making in Saudi Arabia. Let’s get to know Hend.


Your followers know you for your two talents – drawing and film making. Has your talent in drawing helped you in the field of film making, and vice versa?

My talent for drawing has surely helped me, since I make two kinds of films. Firstly, cartoons, which of course my talent for drawing is highly relevant to. Secondly, live action films, which require drawing a storyboard. Having a background in drawing makes the process much easier.

What interests you about drawing? Are you inspired by anything specific?

I use drawing as a way of expressing myself, as well as a way of being alone in solitude in a different world.


What kind of drawing do you practice?

I’m interested in both realist drawing and cartoons.


You’ve spoken about the difficulties you’ve faced from society when it came to your decision to pursue film-making. Why did you choose film-making? Have people’s opinions changed towards your specialization with time?

I love drawing, photography, storytelling, and watching cartoons. All these interests come together in film making, and that’s why I chose it as a specialization. People’s opinions definitely changed towards me after watching some of my short films. I’m very grateful for that.

Tell us about some of the films you’ve made.

My latest film “Al-Ghazu” is a comedic cartoon with realistic characters. It’s received a lot of praise, which I’m very thankful for.


You’re one of the first Saudi females to study film making. How do you feel being part of an industry that is quickly growing in the Gulf region?

I’m so, so happy to be one of the first. But at the same time, it’s a huge responsibility we carry. We carry the burden of making Saudi film-making history. We have to do this in a way that society likes and in the best image.


Where do you see yourself in the future and what do you need to get there?

I see myself in film-making. I want to create purposeful and unique content. All I need is God’s blessings and my faith in my goals to work and pursue that goal.