When a family member comes to visit from abroad, you immediately think about where they can sleep.

You might be able to give them a sofa bed to sleep on. Or maybe a floor mattress. Or maybe a guestroom if they’re lucky. By “guestroom” I mean one of your children’s rooms.

In any case, you want to make your guest feel comfortable. They probably feel embarrassed disrupting your home, so make sure they feel welcome.

Here are a few ways you can make your guest feel at home:

  1. Give them private time.

    If they’re sharing space with someone, make sure they get time and space alone a few times a day.

  2. Think about the mattress. If your guest is older, make sure the mattress they are staying on is comfortable. Get a medical mattress if you need to.
  1. Put your private items away. Keep in mind what you have in the room and remove things you don’t want them to see. Think of that bra hanging on your bed or any other private items.
  1. Keep them warm. If the guest tend to feel cold easily, keep an extra blanket in the room beforehand and turn down the AC.
  1. Give them extra pillows of different kinds.
  1. Make essentials within reach. Keep their space stocked with essentials that they might be too shy to ask for. Things like water bottles, tissues, towels, and even travel medications.
  1. Think about where they’ll keep their baggage in advance. Free up closet space if needed.
  1. If they’re older and will spend time alone, give them a set of keys to the house.
  1. Give them access to food.If you’re not there in the morning, make sure you pick up some pastries or other breakfast items for your guest.
  1. Fresh flowers can make them feel special and welcome.

Make them feel like they’re part of your routine, rather than changing your routine to suit them.