Ramadan is an amazing time of year. It’s a time to get in the spirit of giving and volunteer time for others. It’s a time of gratitude for food that we can prepare and share with loved ones. It’s a time of shared experience between Muslims across the world.

Unfortunately, it’s also a time of road rage and car accidents in the hour before Iftar. It’s a time when our bodies struggle to work during the day. It’s a time when our brains are less productive. But fasting doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard if it’s done right.

Struggling is part of what makes the month meaningful. But there are ways to make Ramadan and fasting a little easier for yourself and for others. You don’t have to be hangry; you can be grateful. You don’t have to be moody; you can be kind. It’s all about how you approach the month of Ramadan.

Here are a few little things you can do to make this Ramadan easier:

    1. Keep dates and water in your car in case you’re late at work. That way when you hear the athan you can take a sip and a bite and drive safely.200w_s
    2. Fast a day or two a week before Ramadan to prepare yourself if you’re a snacker. hungry ramadan
    3. Instead of overdosing on tea, limit yourself to one little glass of tea after iftar and hydrate afterwards. tea
    4. Have oatmeal or a yogurt parfait for suhoor. You need that fiber and protein! suhoor food ramadan
    5. But don’t have too much sugar, which will make you thirstier. cat
    6. Help out in the kitchen. It’s a great way to pass the time away from a screen. ramadan cooking
    7. Take a deep breath whenever you’re feeling hangry. oprah ramadan
    8. Create a special Ramadan vibe in your house, which will keep the kids feeling excited (and less whiney!)

      Source: http://n-beautiful.tumblr.com/

      Source: http://n-beautiful.tumblr.com/

    9. Exercise either right before iftar or a couple of hours after and you will definitely feel a difference in your energy levels and quality of sleep. ramadan exercise
    10. Don’t keep counting the hours until iftar! Fill up the time doing things that matter to you. counting
    11. Make a little extra food to send to your neighbors. It’s an old tradition but getting involved definitely gives you a moral boost! hungry
    12. Most importantly – sleep well! sleepy ramadan