Kimonos were one of the biggest streetstyle trends of 2014 and 2016.

They’re comfortable and airy – perfect for the Gulf heat. At the same time, they give you the coverage needed while you wait for your next wax. They come in lots of patterns and colors so all you have to do is pair them with simple top and bottom staples.

As we ease into 2016, it’s hard saying goodbye to this trend as we move ahead with our wardrobe.

But we say you don’t have to. There are sneaky ways to incorporate your favorite kimono into your wardrobe this year.

One of the biggest runway trends this year is lingerie. Don’t get too excited – there are laws against going too far with this trend.

Instead, use your kimono to recreate a PG version of the lingerie trend. Silky and sheer kimonos have the same light and flowy finish as negligees and robes. You can pair your kimono with a tight-fitting, lace-trimmed cami top that replicates the feel of a chemise.

Fringe is another Spring 2016 trend. So if you have a beachy, fringed kimono, you’re in luck.

One of the big Spring 2016 colors is orange. So grab an orange cami top and pair it with a more neutral-colored kimono to really stand out.

Make sure you pick a shade that suits your skin tone.


If you have a tan skin tone, choose an orange that’s also warm.

If you have darker skin, a bright orange will look fabulous on you.

If you have a pale skin tone, go for coral shades (orange with pink undertones).

If you’re not sure about the orange, pick an orange that’s almost red.